Lico was born in Japan. She started to play piano at the age of 3 and began composing music at the age of 5.

After graduating from university in Japan, with a major in music composition, she moved to NYC to connect with artists and expand her career in 2004.

She created film scores for directors and collaborated with various artists in NYC.

In 2007, she moved in Paris, France and has started to work for fashion shows as a music composer and a sound coordinator.

She has since composed music for fashion shows in , and Tokyo Japan, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Guangzhou, China

In Match of 2011, her 1st album “Dark/Light” was released by Seahorse & the lico.

She has collaborated with many artists such as an art director Yohei Taneda at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, photographer Toshiya Suda at Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo, stage director designer Dario Moretti at Festival Visioni di Futuro in Bologna Italy, Yohji Yamamoto as a painter at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery.

During this time she also worked as a model and actress whilst participating in various art installations and performances singing with my music.

Since 2015, She’s been making a Yohji Yamamoto retrospective documentary film as the primary producer and composer. In order to capture the essence of what he does, the production is committed to continuing this work in progress, documenting his daily life, design, international travels, and shows until this piece of film and music represents his career and the international influence that he has made in the fashion and art industry.

Currently she is based in Paris, but also between Paris and Tokyo and is always interested in new interesting projects and ideas with all things creative in her life.